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In the part of Switzerland we live, the language is Romansh

“Absolut autentic” means something absolutely original.
And “Bella Maisa” is Romansh for a bizarre table.

Fully Customized

It is our believe that nature has a timeless value and should be used for the creation of personalized items only.

With “liveBIG” we mean very exceptional products, made-to-order and coming with white glove delivery service*.

*not available in all regions yet

A trackable true story

Every item comes with a chip showing the origin and full history.

These details will become literally visible after scanning the chip with your mobile phone.

The process

Based on your input an offer with suggestions and pricing will be mailed.
Because the production of customized items is “naturally different” limitations in return rights apply.

To avoid any misunderstanding between the online and the real world, a parcel with samples will be posted.
If the beauty is confirmed, a timeline of the production including pictures will come available online.